This website is part of the Prop Traders Club network. This site was created to provide a place to keep our community up to date with the latest promotions, discounts and coupons in the industry.

Prop Traders Club provides a multitude of tools and platforms to discuss, review and compare online prop firms. Our goal is clear the murky water of the prop firm industry and provide clear information to our traders.

Our tools and platforms include:

  • Facebook Group – We operate a closed group (we require a quick sign-up) of 14,000 prop traders.
  • Prop Traders Club Website – This is our main hub for all our content, reviews and tools.
  • FX Funding Finder App (Google Play) – This is our simple-to-use tool to compare over 300 prop accounts in seconds. Available on Android.
  • FX Funding Finder (Web App) – Same as above, but for web (desktop only).
  • Email Newsletter – You can sign up for our email newsletter to receive up-to-date promotions, discounts and news from around the industry.
  • Prop Club Funding – This is our own in-house funding option, offering traders the ability to trade up to $500k capital upon passing a single-phase or two-phase evaluation.